My husband and I own Rod-Lo Kennels. We have been breeding and showing AKC Champion Pedigreed Miniature Pinschers for about 10 years. We consider ourselves reputable, honorable, truthful and very hands on. We have developed a sincere love for this breed. Sometimes I think we eat, breathe and sleep Min Pins. This is why we ONLY breed Min Pins in our Kennels. Our Champion Pedigreed Sires and Dams are on site for our buyers to view and get an idea of their playful personalities. Most people are surprised by the "calmness" of our dogs. We believe that it's in how they are raised. (Not much different than children.)

Although we specialize in Chocolate&Rust Miniature Pinschers, we also offer a variety of colors to include Black & Rust, Reds, Stags and Tans. There is a waiting list for our puppies/dogs therefore it is best for you to get in touch with us to discuss what type of Miniature Pinscher you are looking for. We have never had any genetic or health problems with any of our dogs/puppies, but we do offer a health guarantee. Upon purchasing a dog/puppy from us we also give you a "puppy packet" which includes, but not limited to our personal Veterinarian's Business Cards, Vaccination Records, de-worming medications and dates. Several pamphlets of information regarding household poisons, flea control, heartworm medicines, micro chipping, etc.

Each of our puppies have been held, played with and exposed to the human touch. They are very playful, loving and have developed quite the personalities by the time they are ready for a new home. Puppies have been seen by a licensed Veterinarian before they are 6 days old. At which time their tails are docked, dew claws removed, health checked and weighed. It is our goal to make sure that when you purchase a puppy/dog from us, you take home a very happy, healthy new addition to your family.

Our adult dogs have their own individual crate with a soft cushioned lining and fleece blanket. Their bedtime is 9:30 p.m. when they come indoors, crate up and sleep in the comforts of A/C or heat. (whichever is needed depending upon the season). We have indoor whelping crates where we assist our dams in the delivery of their puppies. From the moment they are born until they leave our facility we are on top of their care. Making sure that our puppies/dogs are of the utmost quality and health you should expect from your breeder. We are extremely knowledgeable of this breed so our relationship does not stop the minute you leave with your new family pet. We keep in touch with you and make ourselves available for questions, concerns or advice.

*Prices vary with color, gender, pedigree and bloodline of each dog/puppy. *There are some restrictions on buyers with small children. Small children can be harmful to Miniature puppies.

I would like to personally thank you for visiting our web page and considering our puppies to add to your family. Please visit the AKC web site and familiarize yourself with the oldest kennel club in America. The American Kennel Club (AKC) in my opinion, is the only way to make sure your buying the purebred, quality dog of choice.

Lorene P. Heuring, Owner Rod-Lo Kennels